Calibrating Lindsay Jones, Barbara Dunkelman, & Arryn Zech

ConCal 122

This week on Constantly Calibrating Justin and I had the immense pleasure of chatting with Lindsay Jones (Ruby Rose), Barbara Dunkelman (Yang Xiao Long), and Arryn Zech (Blake Belladonna) of RWBY & general Rooster Teeth fame. Join us for an interview where we talk RWBY, X-Ray & Vav, RTX 2015, and their superheroic (or villanous)…

Calibrating Robotic Phoenix Downjobs of the Future

concal 121

Dammit Brad, the name is Lobot! Anyways, Josh wasn’t able to make this week’s episode due to a sudden arm injury (don’t ask questions) so our intrepid team decided to discuss how we’re currently living in the future. Seriously, have you seen the amazing tech that’s been popping up as of late: hoverboards, solar highways,…

The Simpsons Podcast – Treehouse of Horror

Help us think up a name so we can embrace a real logo.

Over at Constantly Calibrating we’re always looking for new ideas for podcasts to entertain you, our beloved listeners. Today we’re testing out a new podcast, one that will celebrate an important pop culture icon from many of our lives: The Simpsons. On this debut episode, myself and co-host Jim Lincoln will discuss the yearly Simpsons…

Calibrating Massively Online Lack of Innovation

ConCal 120

On today’s casting of the pods, we discuss the present state of MMOs; looking at World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, EVE Online, and more. We also delve into the future of the genre, wondering what innovations need to be made, including thoughts on the upcoming Everquest Next. (There may also be some MMO nostalgia…