Calibrating Smoldering Flame Cosplay

ConCal 106

We’re still in the post-RTX afterglow, so forgive us for some structural instability issues on this week’s podcast. While you’re forgiving us, make sure to also drop a thank you in the comments for getting the outstanding Niki Birkedahl, better know as Smoldering Flame Cosplay to some of you, on the podcast. We had a…

The Constantly Calibrating RTX 2014 Special

ConCal 105

Written words are incapable of expressing the emotion I (Josh) am personally going through after a long weekend at RTX. Therefore I submit to you the following podcast wherein Justin, Brian, & I regale Brad (who couldn’t attend) with tales of the Rooster Teeth Expo. These stories include anecdotes & commentary on Miles Luna, RWBY,…