#258 – Calibrating Bytes N’ Brews


Our guests this week, Tony & Rob of Bytes N’ Brews, pair beers with games in an effort to create unique let’s play experiences. What happens with we pair Bytes N’ Brews with Constantly Calibrating? Well, we most certainly don’t end up forgetting to ask our guests questions for 45 minutes; how could you possibly think that would happen?

This week’s topics include:

  • What are we drinking?
  • The makings of a good beer?
  • Is craft beer just for snobs?
  • What is Bytes N’ Brews?
  • Making a good Let’s Play.
  • What’s up with YouTube?


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*2nd Monday of the month is “Game Cast Night”. We still converse and do topics, but we also play games. These episodes are exclusive to Mixer, to catch them live or on VOD.

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Josh Silverman (Managing Editor)

A father first, a husband second, and a gamer third and beyond*; Josh Silverman co-founded Constantly Calibrating and intends to continue over-promising and sometimes delivering for years to come. *He may also be a writer and editor somewhere in there.

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