#285 – Calibrating FCFL with Patrick Dees


This week on the podcast Josh & Blake welcomed their old friend Patrick Dees onto the show. Patrick, the Co-Founder and Chief Gaming Officer of the Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL) was here to take our hosts, and you, through the history and future of the FCFL. Speaking personally, we’re incredibly excited to see what this new framework for sports can bring to the field moving forward.

Post sports-talk, our trio looked into end of the year gaming discussions, and may have gone a bit Red Dead Redemption II-crazy.

Even if you’re not a sports-minded person — Josh certainly isn’t — you should give this show a listen. The exploration of how to make football, and other sports, more appealing and the gamifcation of the space is an absolutely fascinating topic; one you should not miss!


Watch the show recorded live on Mixer.

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