Going Into the Woods, the Feist Review


Sticks and stones will break their bones.

Feist is a sidescrolling, physics based indie game developed by Bits & Beasts. It’s rather short but very creative and fun to play, and it definitely can pump your adrenaline at times. Taking control of a little fluffy animal running through the woods while being hunted by even bigger (and more fluffy) beasts can get pretty intense, plus the atmosphere is both creepy and awe-inspiring. The visuals are really detailed for such a simple looking game and the gameplay is really interesting as well. Feist Review 1

The game opens with beastlike creatures carrying two smaller creatures in wooden boxes, most likely to be eaten later. You take control of one of them who manages to escape and set off in search of your fluffy comrade. The gameplay is simple, involving a lot of jumping and puzzles, with your only weapons being sticks, stones, pinecones, and slightly larger stones that you can only push around. Of course, your most important weapon is the world around you. Once I was running down a hill being followed by spider creatures, luckily for me some boulders also happened to be making their way downhill so I maneuvered myself in order to lure the spiders into their path and boom, no more danger.  The puzzles are fairly simple but can still be challenging, and when you need to solve them in the middle of battle it only adds to the tension that the game already provides.

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As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, this game looks eerily similar to LIMBO and you are not wrong, as I noticed a lot of similarities to that title. Feist may be very similar, but there are a lot of original ideas here. There is the addition of weapons and how smooth the game plays, which is much better than LIMBO. In addition, the physics in Feist are really dynamic and interesting, and the enemies you encounter are all different and force you to change up the way you move and fight. While Feist is very similar, it also has its different aspects that make it stand out. If you’re a fan of LIMBO then you will enjoy this game thoroughly, and if you weren’t I still say you should give it a try as you will notice and enjoy the differences.

Clocking in at about 3 hours, the game is very short, but has plenty to keep you interested. It may seem too fast for some, but I honestly thought the length was perfect as the developers used everything they had and didn’t try to milk it for 20 chapters like some games nowadays. If you’ve got some spare time, I recommend Feist as it is a little gem in the indie game scene. I don’t really have any problems with the game itself; it was fun, challenging, it did everything it wanted and didn’t do anything wrong. With that being said, it also didn’t do anything spectacular. Nothing really jumped out and made me go “WOAH” It just did exactly what it wanted to do and that’s just fine with me.

8 Artistic

Feist was challenging, fun, exciting, and tense. It’s everything you could want in a good indie game, but it didn’t do much to make it stand out among bigger titles.

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