#234 – Calibrating RTX Austin 2017


The team at Constantly Calibrating took a customary mid-summer week off. They refreshed, planned, and came back stronger than ever. What did they find upon their return? A world gone mad over a female Doctor Who, and the stories of trips now past.

That’s right, it’s the RTX Austin 2017 review show! The guys (minus one salad-poisoned Ryan) discuss the sights, sounds, and smells of Austin, Texas & Rooster Teeth’s annual event. Did they enjoy the experiences, or like last year were they left wanting? Were their unique interactions, or dulldrum dulldrumedness? Did Josh ramble on like an incoherent madman…? Well, that one is a definite yes.

Additionally, we close out the show with Brad taking a look at his first real Disney trip. He took the family to Disney World and has plenty of tales from the experience. Perhaps this new experience has finally bonded he and Josh on some spiritual level? You’ll have to listen to or watch the show to find out!

Also, Justin is here struggling to stay awake after several weeks of hell. The first person to convince him to move to Arizona to do this full-time gets $30. (Not a joke!)

All that and more on this week’s Constantly Calibrating Podcast!



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