#278 – Calibrating Sean Baptiste


At PAX West 2018 Josh & Justin sat down with Sean Baptiste, Influencer Manager for Bethesda. The conversation took many different turns, but was one that you definitely do not want to miss.

Simply put, if you are a content creator, streamer, or broadcaster online, there is one person you should know: Sean Baptiste. Sean has been a part of the game industry for many years, coming up through Harmonix, Adult Swim Games, and now Bethesda.

What Sean does better than most is engage with people online in a way that both nurtures and educates them. From atop his platform on Twitter, Sean will regularly question his followers on many things related to streaming & content creation. From there he curates the best advice and launches discussions on them.

Without a doubt, whether you’re an amateur, aspiring professional, or even at the top of your game, you’d be mistaken to overlook his presence.


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