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I know that everyone will be coming out with some sort of “Top Movies of 2017” list and I thought to myself that I should do a different type of list. It struck me odd that there weren’t any top Nicolas Cage movies of 2017 since he had made seven of them. I figured I would right a wrong and give Nicolas Cage the list he deserves. That being said, here are my Top 3 Nicolas Cage films of 2017:

All My Hoe’s

Nicolas Cage 2017 - All My HoesThe story revolves around a struggling farmer (Nicolas Cage) who thanks to the recent dust storms isn’t able to produce the crops he needs to keep his family farm. One day two strangers (Keira Knightley & Kumail Nanjiani) show up at Cage’s front door seeking shelter. Reluctantly, he takes them in for the night, but quickly finds out that they carry more baggage than expected. The two strangers start up a brothel in the little farmhouse. Cage, seeing how much money they are bringing in, decides to help them out.


One of the things I like about this film is that much like the movie A Ghost Story, it’s not afraid of quiet moments. Shots of people eating are held for up to ten minutes and this really helps build the tension of the scene. The chemistry between the cast is top-notch, and I really like how Kumail Nanjiani is always questioning his place in the movie.


Muscles MD

Nicolas Cage 2017 - Muscles MDA 20-year veteran doctor (Nicolas Cage) is floating through life. On his normal morning jog he encounters a radioactive bodybuilder that happens to bite him. The next couple of days Cage notices that his clothing isn’t fitting and he’s no longer able to look left or right. Soon on the weekends he starts to compete in bodybuilding competitions, while neglecting his other Doctor duties.


Like many, I had high expectations for this movie. It echoes the 1990’s Ivan Reitman movies like Twins and Junior where you’re not sure if this should have been made, but once you see it you are glad to have spent the price of admission. It’s not a complete spoiler, but it was also great to see the pairing of Cage and John Travolta again.


The Trans Potter

Nicolas Cage 2017 - The Trans PotterAfter years of Transporter and Harry Potter movies, the producers decide to get together and finally bring the two universes together. Cage stars as a drive that is tasked with transporting transgendered Harry Potter cosplayers to Comic Con. Along the way the group is chased by right-winged radicals hell-bent on stopping them from entering Comic-Con.


Not being a fan of Harry Potter or even the Transporter movies, I felt like I wasn’t missing much. I like the cameos of Daniel Radcliffe and Jason Statham. Cage has always been one of those interested actors and next to Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance, this might be his most inventive role yet. I’m definitely excited to see the eventual sequel.


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