Some Good Streamers for 2017 Going Into 2018: A “Best Of” List


2017 is coming to a close, and with it I’m left to reflect on what was an incredibly challenging year for me, personally. For me it was a year where I faced setbacks at every turn, had numerous family members die, and watched my son go in for brain surgery; and that was just the last three or four months! While it was a trying time for my home and business, there were a few things that got me through it…

Podcasts! Streamers! Games! 

So, here we go with another part of my looking back at 2017 series, all titled “A ‘Best Of’ List”. So join me as we start things off with a look at my favorite streamers of 2017:



Everyone looks for different qualities when they consider watching a streamer. For some they look for a strong sense of humor; others may look for someone who’s open about their day/life; someone may want a streamer who makes them welcome. Our first streamer for 2017 embodies all of these qualities and more. Superblake has a strong sense of comedic timing, coupled with being the only person more opinionated than I am; except he can back his opinions up with facts, no matter how “out there” they may sometimes seem.

What I enjoy most about Blake’s style is depending on the game he may offer the perfect setup for background noise. At other times he’ll be streaming something so intriguing that you can’t take your eyes  from the screen. I often turn on his stream while working at night, expecting to just listen in and provide support, only to get into a semi-heated chat about the most random shit imaginable.

And yes, just to note it for transparency, Superblake was/is the debut member of our burgeoning Featured Personality Program. This, however, did not boost him up in my rankings, as the quality of his content is what made us want to work with him and earned him this spot.


LoZelda for many years has been one of my favorite people on this planet. Originally I only knew of her in passing as an active member of the Rooster Teeth community, and that was it. It wasn’t until I was passed over for a job in favor of her (thank Garrus) that I started watching her content. What Jenn brings to the streamer arena is similar to the other members on this list: incredible comedic timing and she and her community are very welcoming. Whether she’s making her way through a newly acquired game, building LEGO stuff and other creative pursuits, or even playing a dating sim with her husband, she is always on target with how she runs her stream.

Watching her evolution as an online entertainer has been one of the coolest things I’ve experienced over the last few years. If you want to have a good time, good conversations, and see some cool shit, you should definitely give her a follow.


SithosThis guy right here. Sithos has turned into one of my recent inspirations in the world of streaming, and is our only Mixer streamer on this list. When I met him around 2 years ago he was a Twitch streamer heading towards burning out. He was partnered with Hex: Shards of Fate, but commented on feeling like he had plateaued on Twitch. At the end of 2016 Sithos moved from Twitch over to Beam (which was eventually bought by Microsoft and became Mixer) and thus led to the reason I’m inspired by him.

Sithos, in one year, built a following of 3100+ people, became a Discord Partner, and then sealed off his 2017 by becoming a Mixer Partner. He also managed to branch out in his content, not just focusing on Hex, but adding games like PUBGDark Souls, and others to his repertoire of gaming. To top it all off, the guy may be the single most helpful, caring person I’ve met in my streaming career to date. Constantly Calibrating’s move over to Mixer would never have even been considered if not for his input and awesomeness.



Now, this may be my one outlier of sorts when it comes to best streamers of 2017. If you had told me at the start of the year that I would be recommending Mike Laidlaw, now former Creative Director on Dragon Age, for this obviously prestigious honor, I would’ve probably chuckled. Granted, said chuckling would mostly come from the idea that I would do such an award on my site. That being said, just the idea of Mike being a regular streamer I watch would’ve blindsided me. Yet, here we are at the top of 2017 and thinking back, I watched a hell of a lot of Mike’s streaming content. Even more so, I went I bought several games he played, purely because his experiences with them showed me something that made me want to showcase the games as well.

What Mike brings to the streaming table that no one else on this list does is experience. After more than a decade at BioWare, Mike has a perspective on game development that most streamers don’t bring to the table. He’s also really good at improv moments on stream and funny as hell, and we know from the previous entries that comedy earns big points for me.


Finally on our list we have 24KBrownMagic, Mr. AJ Rodriguez. Honestly I can keep AJ’s entry surprisingly short by simply saying, if you like music, go watch his stream right now. Nearly every night of the week AJ is live streaming various things, from gameplay, to gigs, to IRL stuff. What he manages to do during every stream, regardless of intended content, is bring a musical energy to things; an energy that is impossible to duplicate. The fact that he didn’t become partnered by Twitch in 2017 astounds me, because the growth he experienced and the die-hard following he has is both immense and intimidating. Intimidating isn’t a bad thing here, to be clear, as much like our other entries here, the community he has fostered is incredibly welcoming, lovely people.

As of right now, AJ epitomizes what should be most important for streamers pursuing partnership, regardless of website: he has heart and passion, and then some. The man’s energy is infectious.


Well, there you have it, the best streamers (in my opinion) of 2017. Who were your favorite streamers in 2017? Give me some new people to watch and I’ll give you a hug.



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