The Star Spangled Bomber DLC, the Bomber Crew USAAF Review


So here we are: A year after the initial release of one of my favorite games, Bomber Crew, and they have released one of the community’s most anticipated planes as a playable bomber: The B-17 Flying Fortress, which is probably one of the prettiest planes ever to exist. (Apart from anything British of course.)


Bomber Crew USAAF 1

America! Fuck Yeah! (Still haven’t forgiven you for the Boston Tea Party BTW)


Now, many people will think it’s just a reskin of the original Lancaster, but oh no, it is much

more than that. This beast is bristling with machine guns that stick out of every orifice on the damn thing; this means you need more crew members to man them. With the Lancaster you had seven crew members to distribute throughout the plane. This new contender brings your crew up to a whopping nine! This is a curse in disguise, as you have to manage more crew members at a time and your capacity to heal these poor souls doesn’t really increase.


Bomber Crew USAAF 2

What is the American number of the day? Lets count machine guns to find out!

To go with this shiny new plane you also have a completely new campaign to play though.  Instead of climbing over the Cliffs of Dover you now dart over the desolate deserts of North Africa. Your new home base being located in Algeria for these missions. Which is a nice change, even though I loved the aesthetic of the European theatre. The campaign includes a completely new set of urgent missions that require you to complete tasks based on real world events. These include damaging the Graf Zeppelin, Germany’s one and only aircraft carrier during the second World War.


This campaign takes roughly the same amount of time to complete as the original, with 4 aces to hunt throughout. I have to say, the enemies are much more effective at their ability to blow you out of their sky. Since many of your missions take you out over the ocean, you see more enemy warships that boast a metric crap tonne of anti-aircraft firepower. This always results in more damage done to you throughout a single mission, but as I see it it increases the stakes against you. Something about having the odds pretty much against you in these types of games always makes them 100x more enjoyable. (For me at least.)


Bomber Crew USAAF 3


The only real gripe I have with the DLC is that it’s a lot tougher compared to its original counterpart. If I have persuaded you to buy the game, I recommend you play the British campaign first. It’s best to get some experience before you jump into this one. That being said, it is definitely worth it. I hope this means that Runner Duck Studios will release more bombers for me to suffer/enjoy flying. Perhaps even the Russian Pe-8 or even a seaplane so when I inevitably have to land in the water my crew won’t immediately die… Which they regularly do.


As of this writing Green Man Gaming is having a Bomber Crew sale, which includes the Bomber Crew USAAF DLC, so now’s the perfect time to pick the game up if you haven’t already. (Note: Constantly Calibrating is a Green Man Gaming Affiliate, & as such we receive a small percent of sales generated through our links.)


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