Calibrating with Vikram Rangraj


The nature of gaming and game purchasing is changing. There are many factors to this, but one is that there are just too many titles available, but not enough time to play or know what you like. This, in part, is where Dropleaf comes in: Dropleaf is a subscription program giving you unlimited access to a growing library of indie PC games. Their software will also learn your habits and interests through time played, giving you a better recommendation list for the future. Frankly, it’s pretty fantastic, which is why Josh & Brad had a chat with Vikram Rangraj, CEO of Dropleaf.

Even if indie gaming isn’t your thing, you can’t go wrong with this episode, as it’s one of our most entertaining yet. From discussing of the indie gaming marketplace, to Josh’s odd health issues, to a look at the wonders that is Mortal Kombat X’s inclusivity…no, seriously, you’ll find plenty to listen to and enjoy.

If Dropleaf seems like your thing, swing by their site and use offer code “ConCalPod” to net yourself a free month to sample their wares.

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