#226 – Calibrating Lauren Walsh Art


After many years and countless eons of discussion, finally the time hath come for us to have Lauren Walsh, druid artist from the stars, on the Constantly Calibrating Podcast. Our team has known Lauren for arguably longer than there has been a podcast, but the timing of appearances was just never right. We also forgot to actually ask her at any point, which may have been a major deciding factor. But never fear, for Lauren Walsh made her triumphant appearance from within her glorious, and oddly witch-like studio.

So, with that in mind, allow us to entertain you with tales of her friendship with Brad & Ryan, stories of getting into the World of Warcraft, a journey into discovering that art school is shit and learning to art is best done on your own, and some flowing thoughts on the fact that you should fucking pay artists for their fucking work!!

That being said, it’s a good show. It’s a lovely show. It’s a show you can take home to your parents when you’re ready to settle down. We’ll be here, waiting for you.


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