The Catch-All Gaming Podcast #1


Presenting our brand new podcast from Constantly Calibrating: The Catch-All Gaming Podcast. Each week our host, Justin, and a guest host will bring you a loose-talk look at the previous week in gaming. This can, and likely will include looks at what he and his co-host are playing, including any news as we see fit. All of this will happen in the span of about one hour, so buckle in for a unique look at the world of gaming.

On this week’s debut show Justin is joined by Josh for a look at our plans for this show. From there Josh offers an early review of Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Justin offers his thoughts on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. We tie up the podcast with a look at the just announced The Waylander RPG, now on Kickstarter.

Let us know what you think of this debut episode. As we develop and build this show we’re constantly looking for feedback and suggestions, so let us have them, please.

See you next week!

Watch the show recorded live every Wednesday at 5PM PT / 8PM ET on Mixer.


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Justin Stanley (Creative Director)

Through his work as Creative Director for Constantly Calibrating and his foresight in co-founding The GlitchFeed, Justin has developed an eye for what makes truly entertaining gaming content. Creator of the Hungarian Downstairs Kiss™

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