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At the start of 2018 I made a list of goals for the year. These included our move to Mixer, building a Discord, and much more. This list was posted publicly to Twitter and other social media platforms to help keep me accountable. What most people may not realize is that I made a list of goals for every year through 2021.

ConCalBuddyPals Plans

ConCalBuddyPals 2018 plans (Pre-CCBP)

It also may not be known that due to some amazing circumstances and lucky breaks (and a shitton of work) we have actually achieved some goals for future years: things like attending E3 (originally set for 2019), running panels at a major event (2020), and bringing on an art team (2019-2020). Seriously, some of the progress we have made has been amazing, but no opportunity has struck again and it’s time to bring forward a major goal from 2019 into 2018:

We’re launching a content creation team!

Oh, and we’re also fundamentally restructuring how Constantly Calibrating does business, “hires” people, and creates content. So stay tuned as we delve into all of these exciting changes. And yes, they are exciting in ways I can’t even begin to express.


Restructuring & Redefining

For the first five years of Constantly Calibrating we existed as a hobbyist group at the best of times, and a clusterfuck of friends that I regularly yelled at. A little over five years into this journey I needed to make a change, which is what led to the aforementioned goals. The first thing I did was formed Constantly Calibrating LLC, which allowed me the ability to do some things I previously wasn’t capable of, and allowed for some more legitimacy.

From there I began to study what we were doing well, what we were doing wrong, and what we needed to be doing. I looked at my team and started watching what they do so I could best utilize them, while also giving them the support they needed to accomplish their own goals. That process lasted through the beginning of the year and has continued until now, and it ultimately led to a decision.

That decision? Constantly Calibrating is now going to exist as its own entity alongside a new brand: ConCalBuddyPals.


What is ConCalBuddyPals?

You all have heard me throw around ConCalBuddyPals (CCBP) on stream at least every now and again. But what is it? Well, initially it was a joke name for our Mixer Team, which is a team that I started mostly as a placeholder for a future plan for 2019. Then during our chat with Ashnichrist last month I had an epiphany, and that epiphany led to bumping up that plan and expanding it from strictly Mixer to a full content creation team and eventual platform.

So what is CCBP, you are probably continuing to ask as I go on endlessly. Well, it’s a team full of positive, uplifting people who are working together to better each other’s content, as well as their own. It’s a group made to give people opportunities that they may not have achieved on their own. And finally, it’s a group meant to give my team that I have worked with for six years the flexibility to spread their wings and grow, not beholden to Constantly Calibrating anymore than they want to be.

Later in June we’ll open up sign-ups to bring people aboard, but for now I just want people to understand that I have never been more excited for anything in my professional life. Personally I believe that this team is everything we all need to continue growing, as well as making our communities the best place to be.

And before anyone says anything, this is going to be a frelling difficult few months to come setting this up, but this needs to happen. In advance, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your patience as we get this show on the road!


Two Brands

Now, with ConCalBuddyPals, what does this mean for Constantly Calibrating itself? Well, they are going to operate as two separate brands within the same company. As an example, think of Constantly Calibrating as Rooster Teeth and ConCalBuddyPals as Let’s Play. (I’m not comparing us to them, just using them as an example.) ConCal is going to be the actual business that runs CCBP, but will also be a brand of content.


Let’s break down what this means:

If you’re a member of CCBP and you create any content, it is yours in its entirety. Constantly Calibrating will promote your content, whether streamed, recorded, written, or anything else, but that content is yours including all of the risks and rewards involved. If you have a show, let’s say a podcast, that you’re struggling to find guests for, Constantly Calibrating will work to help you find guests. If you’re looking for a partnership or a sponsorship, Constantly Calibrating will assist in that, taking a small percentage for any sponsorships/partnerships we set up for you, but not from any you set up yourself. And for streamers, let me be clear that no matter what you will keep 100% of your tips while you’re streaming.

Constantly Calibrating & ConCalBuddyPals already has several established partnerships and sponsorships. By being a member of CCBP you will gain access to those as well, including any perks associated with them.

Now, let’s say you have an idea for a show, but you don’t have the means of putting it together yourself. Or perhaps you know of an idea we’ve already established that interests you. Well, if that’s the case then you can bring that pitch to me and if it makes sense, Constantly Calibrating will produce it. For content like this, Constantly Calibrating will have full ownership rights to the product in question, as we’re fronting more of the risk. In doing this Constantly Calibrating will front the financial cost for operating your show, while you will be the showrunner for it. Should the show become financially successful, you will also earn a salary from it as the showrunner. Additionally, as showrunner you would, alongside one of our Creative Directors, have final say in anything done with the product, from casting to merchandising.

There are going to be many, many more benefits for being part of ConCalBuddyPals, from event access and beyond, but those will be announced in due time.


Show Changes

Let’s now take a look at what shows we currently have in production, and how some are changing:

As of the end of May, Constantly Calibrating has three main products we’re releasing: The Constantly Calibrating Podcast, Ramble Jam, and the newly debuted Catch-All Gaming Podcast. The latter two will continue operating as they have been, overseen by showrunners Chris Hernandez and Justin Stanley, respectively. Constantly Calibrating Podcast, however, will be changing drastically.

Over the last few months I have been monitoring analytics on our flagship show and noticed a few things. For starters, when we do topical episodes people simply don’t seem to stick around, whereas guest interviews have a high retention rate. As such, the Constantly Calibrating Podcast will now be exclusively a guest interview show. In doing that the show will also move away from being a weekly live show on Monday nights, as in booking the show it’s proven to be difficult to get guests to commit to coming on at 6PM PT on a Monday night. This means that some weeks there may not be a live episode of the show, while other weeks there could be several. Additionally, at events we’ll be focusing our interviews into being a bit more longer format chats; ones that can be released as podcast episodes.

These changes to the podcast and to the rest of ConCal will allow me to finally fully take on the responsibilities, again, of running the Constantly Calibrating Podcast, which is something I have wanted to do again for some time. Additionally it will allow us to always make sure we have the best, most active team of hosts on the show to best compliment our guests.

The question now is what do we do with that Monday night slot? Well, instead of doing monthly insanity co-streams, we’re now going to be doing them every week! Each month those streams are among our more successful content, and people keep asking us to do them more. So, now we are and it’s going to be a thing. Every Monday at 6PM PT we’ll feature an ever-rotating and changing cast of people from across the ConCalBuddyPals playing an assortment of past, present, and future group games.


Job Openings

Let’s end this with a brief bit on who is doing what for Constantly Calibrating moving forward:

I’ll continue on as CEO, Lead Host of Streaming Content, & PR Outreach for ConCal. Additionally I’ll be sharing Creative Director duties with Justin Stanley, who has chosen to return to the role in full after a much-needed hiatus.

I’m also bringing on Chris Hernandez to be our Production Coordinator & Manager for ConCalBuddyPals. This means that Chris will be in charge of keeping up to date with who on the team is doing what, while facilitating the best possible experience for all of our shows. Kaleb Underwood will be assisting Chris in that, while also taking on Social Media Coordinating responsibilities in an effort to take some stress off of me. And finally, for now, Ryan Firster will be sticking around to help with marketing and other coordination efforts.

That, right there, will be for the time being the full Constantly Calibrating team, while all other previous members of the team will be joining the ConCalBuddyPals as its debut members. In time we’ll be adding in more positions as well, but with this rebirth I want to take things slow and get our foundation just right.


Phew! This was a hell of a thing to write, and probably a hell of a thing to read. As we make this shift please reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, or there is something you would like to contribute. Thank you everyone who has stuck with us or returned to us over the years. It has been my absolute pleasure to build Constantly Calibrating for more than half a decade. Here’s to finishing up our first decade in style!


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