E3 2015: Unravel


E3 2015 is barely through its first official day, but that isn’t stopping me from crowning the most adorable game of show to Unravel.

From the moment Martin Sahlin, Creative Director for Coldwood Interactive took to the stage I knew we were in for a treat. Unlike most E3 presentations, Martin wasn’t cocky and self-assured. In fact, he kind of came across as an excited, nervous kid who was showing his friends and family the cool thing he did in art class. Don’t let this assessment fool you or make you believe Unravel is something childish, because it does not appear so. Instead, Martin gave us the impression that showing Unravel, and star Yarny, off was the most important thing he could imagine doing. His sincerity and honesty was a breath of fresh air in a bloated, uninteresting E3 presentation from Electronic Arts.

Now onto the game, Unravel tells the tale of Yarny, a character made out of a single thread of yarn that slowly unravels as he explores his world. (Holy crap, if Yarny unravels and dies at the end, then I’m done, just done with emotions.) Throughout his journey Yarny will be interacting with his environment using pieces of himself; exploring his world and becoming wound up within it.

Unravel is the tale of the bond that ties the world together, which sounds like a damned fine message to spread through gaming.



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