Best Euro Truck Simulator 2 DLCs as of 2019


Best Euro Truck Simulator 2 DLC's as of 2019

Since from when the first game was made by the SCS software company, we can see that the company is upgrading the game to give the player the real stimulation feeling of a real truck driver and this will make the player feel in control of what is going on during the game.

There are various DLCs which have come up in the game due to the upgrade made to the game by the software company. Some of the DLCs include:

Map extension- this DLCs feature has provided the player with a large map extension, unlike the previous version of the game which had limited destinations which the player could explore and hence reduction of the simulation felt by the player.

Cargo packs- the cargo packs in the ETS2 have been upgraded and hence one has a variety of cargo a player can choose from and this will make the player more comfortable with the cargo being transported.

Trailer packs- the trailers have a new look, elegant and beautiful designs which will be appealing to the eyes of the player and hence will give the player a nice feeling while playing the game.

Tuning and cabin accessories- there are various cabin accessories which a player can purchase and fit them in the truck. There are the latest accessories which the player can access from the nearest service center.

Paint themes- the painting themes and colors have been added to make the player choose the paint he/she may want to apply on the truck and there are the latest popular themes in the market.

I will major on the map extension DCL since it is what every player will be looking for in the new game version.

Italia DLC

This is an extension which was created and released by the software company on the 5th of December 2017. The most amazing thing about Italy is that it is one of the most beautiful countries with a great and rich history which we are all aware of. The Italia extension also gives the player a chance to have a look at the traditional architectural building designs which are all over Italy and this will remind the player about the history of the country in the past. It also has modern industries in which the player will be able to notice and see when traversing across the country. In addition to that, there is also a diverse natural environment which is full of natural resources.

Scandinavia DLC

This is one of the best map extensions that the software company has ever created. The map extension was released on 7th May 2015. Most players have enjoyed this, map extension because of its great ferry terminals, which connect Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The ferry terminals will enable the player access of the three countries with ease. It also has new industries which thrill the feeling of the player when playing the game. This map extension has also come with 80 new cargos which the player can choose from. The player also gets a chance to travel through some of the 27 Scandinavia cities.

Beyond the Baltic sea DLC

This is one of the rarest map extensions. This map extension was released on the 29th of November 2018. This map extension makes the player travel through the west of Russia and also the south of Finland. The player also gets a chance to pass through Latvia and Estonia which are one of the best cities in that particular map extension. Most of the players who have tried this map extension have given positive feedbacks.

Going East DLC

This map extension was released by the company on the 20th of September 2013. The amazing feature about this map extension is that passes through various countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic among many others. The player also gets to enjoy twenty hours of driving to explore all new areas in the map extension. The map extension comes with 13 new cities which the player can explore.

Viva la France DLC

This map extension was released on the 5th of December 2016. This extension mainly has the French outlook and it also has industrial cities which also provide beautiful scenery. This extension also helps in the ets 2 mods.


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