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Videos on the Internet are interesting. You get passionate about a project, you film something, then life takes a left turn and you forget to actually post it.

That’s the story of our Battle Chef Brigade preview video from PAX West 2017, which we just noticed was never posted. So, let’s get to a real description, eh:

At PAX West 2017 Josh & Justin were invited to check out a title Adult Swim Games were showing off. Frankly, it didn’t sound that interesting — a “choose three” game mixed with beat’em up combat and anime, how does that work — but our duo couldn’t say no to Adult Swim Games.

And holy crap were they right to not say no.

Battle Chef Brigade quickly grew into Josh’s most anticipated game of the already packed holiday season, and that was after just 20-30 minutes of time playing it.

Here are his rambling thoughts and Ryan’s questioning commentary.


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