The Catch-All: Week of 4/8/17 (Persona 5, Mass Effect Andromeda, Shard)


It is time, once and for all, for us to do a bit of a shorter episode of The Catch-All. We have been doing 5 minute news vids for weeks now, and frankly a slight break to the format is needed. So apologies for the shorter…vid. Wait, this episode is clocking in at nearly six minutes, but with half the news stories? What is this madness? Wait, did someone give Josh a live mic and room for opinions again; that’s it, isn’t it?

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men aside, this week on the show we’re discussing the streaming policy conundrum that is Atlus with Persona 5, taking a look at Shard releasing after the creator’s untimely death, and stroll down Mass Effect Andromeda lane to look at patch notes and the game’s de-clowning.

All that and probably some more clowning around this week, on The Catch-All!


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