A father first, a husband second, and a gamer third and beyond*; Joshua Silverman co-founded Constantly Calibrating and intends to continue over-promising and sometimes delivering for years to come.

*He may also be a writer and editor somewhere in there.



As host & lead audio editor of the award considered Constantly Calibrating Podcast, Brad Coggins has become one with the world of geek & gaming. While exhibiting his passion most strongly towards the works of Blizzard Entertainment, Brad makes sure that all things gaming get their fair shake.

He is the sole heir to the Pomegranate Lord of Light.



Through his work as Director of Video Content for Constantly Calibrating and his foresight in co-founding The GlitchFeed, Justin has developed an eye for what makes truly entertaining gaming content.

Creator of the Hungarian Downstairs Kiss™



Our resident master of the 1980’s dance battle, Brian has learned what it takes to build bridges between Constantly Calibrating and others. These skills go beyond just the world of interpretive dance, with him helping to create avenues of growth for our growing brand.

Make sure to tell him how much you love his hair.