Let Us Show You… 2Dark (Review)


Despite what the poets of KoRn led us to believe in the 19 of 90’s, life is not necessarily always peachy. But there are things out there that are darker and more disturbing than the fact that you probably owned all of their albums as a teenager. One of those things? Gloomywood’s 2Dark: a retro-feeling stealth horror adventure that will let you experience the journey to try to reclaim what was lost…and maybe get revenge while you’re at it.

Come with us on a tragic carpet ride through the depths and depravity that only murder, kidnapping, and general creepiness can bring. Join us as Ryan tries to survive when things seem 2Dark.


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Josh Silverman (CEO & Lead Writer)

A father first, a husband second, and a gamer third and beyond*; Josh Silverman co-founded Constantly Calibrating and intends to continue over-promising and sometimes delivering for years to come. *He may also be a writer and editor somewhere in there.

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