PAX East 2017 Focus: Songbringer


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a procedurally generated, pixelated, space-faring version of Brutal Legend? If so, then we both have a game for you and also some further questions. Songbringer, from Wizard Fu, drops you into a new world that’s generated differently with every new game.

From there you can explore the game’s world and story as you see fit. And no, you won’t be alone, as you’ll have your robot companion who can even be played by a co-op partner. Fancy!

At the close of PAX East 2017 Justin added Songbringer in as our final Focus Game for the event. So quench thine eyes upon its brilliance!


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Justin Stanley (Creative Director)

Through his work as Creative Director for Constantly Calibrating and his foresight in co-founding The GlitchFeed, Justin has developed an eye for what makes truly entertaining gaming content. Creator of the Hungarian Downstairs Kiss™

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