Phoenix Comicon 2017: Interview with Tony B. Kim of Hero Within


As a guy of the nerd persuasion, Josh has always wanted to express himself, but be as fancy as possible. Graphics tees and hoodies are great, but there has to be a better way to dress while still saying, “I have an unhealthy fixation on Batman. If you’re like Josh, worry no more, as Hero Within is here to empower you to look your best.

Taking a more subtle approach to screaming, “I am one with the Speed Force” into the void, Hero Within has created sophisticated looks to fit most budgets. From Wonder Woman to Batman, to the Green, both Arrow and Lantern, nerds can now dress their best on almost any budget.

Now that we’ve sufficiently buried the lead, at Phoenix Comicon 2017 Josh had the opportunity to interview Tony B. Kim of Hero Within about their many things: Their approach to men’s fashion, whether men can sport a “woman’s hero”, future licensing agreements, and more!

Finally, men (and women) can wear Batman clothing to work without being the office weirdo.


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