Phoenix Film Festival: Horror Shorts B


This collection of films was featured at The International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival during Horror Shorts B.


Time to Eat

What happens when a little kid wanders into his basement after a lost toy and monster is under the stairs to greet him? Well he simply gnaws off the limb and presents it to his mom for cooking.

From Dusk till Dad

This is a comedy short that ponders what it would be like if your mom’s new boyfriend was a vampire. A young man attends a counseling session with his new “step-dad” who is vehemently denying that he is a vampire. When father and son bond over the hatred of the counselor that’s where friendship blooms. This reminded me a lot of a funny or die sketch, one that I would’ve voted a “meh” on.

Laura, Lost

When two friends enter a forest looking for a friend who has gone missing they discover a dilapidated shack where a deranged man lives. When they get their chance they enter the shack and locate their friend. While they are searching for the key to set her free the deranged man returns and discovers the kids in his shack. Instead of chasing them away he pulls up a seat outside and waits, because he knows something the two friends don’t. This has a cool premise that if developed correctly could definitely fill the shoes of a feature.

The Catalyst

This one felt like a snippet of a larger story as a husband and wife try to move on from the fact that when the wife causes accidents they trigger paranormal events. What I liked most about this one was that it had a ghost POV. While it wasn’t totally revolutionary, it was only different bulbs throughout the house and almost like a black light bulb on the camera, it was cool to differentiate the ghost from everything else.

The Call of Charlie

When I attend a horror shorts screening I expect some true horror shorts, but this one had a lot of horror comedy entries, some of which fall short of the mark. The Call of Charlie sets itself apart because it’s actually funny without seeming like it’s trying too hard. While preparing for a blind date dinner a couple is surprised by some unannounced guests, only to find out that the purpose of the blind date is a sacrifice for a Cthulu like humanoid creature.

Black Ring

This one sets itself apart from the rest of the pack because there is no dialogue and it’s more real world horror. Meaning there is no creepy monster, no supernatural force, it’s just people partaking in an activity that while despicable and unrealistic, I could actually see happening, as contradictory as that sounds. At a remote house, models are chosen for a photoshoot, only to be murdered in front of a small audience as their photos are taken. Later at an art show the photos and video are displayed for the public.

Born Again

Another horror comedy. While trying to summon Satan through a woman in labor, a group of wannabe Satanists discover that if you read your summoning book upside down, it can have unwanted consequences.


Hate clowns? This one is not for you. When a mother tries to get her kid to stop eating so many cookies she picks up a new cookie jar that has supernatural powers.

Beneath the Surface

The final horror comedy entry. When a couple breaks down on the side of the road they are picked up by a nice church going couple. En route to the gas station the wife offers them a tray of fresh brownies. Only the brownies are special brownies and they wake up to find themselves in a coffin currently being buried. On the plus side, they get to spend the rest of their lives together, whoever short that may be.


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