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Another E3 is coming to a close, which has left our writing staff with one simple question: What the hell are we going to be playing throughout the next year?


Joshua Silverman (Creative Director)

Going into E3 2015 I felt that I knew exactly what games I’d be hopping on the hype train for: the next Mass Effect, anything Kingdom Hearts, No Man’s Sky, and maybe Halo 5. Sure, some of my predictions stayed true, but as a whole, this E3 left me pleasantly surprised.

Post E3 2015 Most Anticipated Games firewatchslim

First off, let’s talk my obvious choice of MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA, because holy shit am I on board to find out who this supposed “Pathfinder” is and what makes him tick. Who is that in the N7 armor in the trailer? What’s up with our exploring the Andromeda galaxy? These and more questions are pulling me forward through to Holiday 2016. KINGDOM HEARTS III has been on my radar for so long at this point that it’s amazing it can still pull at my heartstrings so effortlessly. To date I’ve yet to find a Kingdom Hearts title that I did not at least like, if not love, so hearing the music play along with the sound of a keyblade battle during the recent trailer was a thing of beauty. Add to that the game’s inclusion of Disney’s Tangled, plus what appears to be some degree of open world exploration, and you have the recipe to control my heart. UNRAVEL. What can I say about Unravel that I and others haven’t already said at length? The game looks visually stunning. Martin Sahlin, the game’s Creative Director, may be the most endearing game developer I’ve ever seen. This is a game that I feel I must play, if only to truly feel connected with Yarny, as well as myself.

FALLOUT 4 at first was the biggest shock of E3 for me, as it’s well-known that I utterly hated Fallout 3 and never even considered playing Fallout New Vegas, despite my stepfather’s near-obsessive love of the game. That being said, listening to Todd Howard discuss the game at Bethesda’s press conference completely sold me on Fallout 4. Between the impressive visuals, the use of a spoken character, the ability to build a settlement, and the vastly improved looking gameplay it’s no surprise that Fallout 4 is topping most people’s most anticipated list. I’ll even give FALLOUT SHELTER, the mobile app out now on iOS an honorable mention, but that’s purely because I’m an Android user.

My final choice is one that still, nearly 72 hours after its debut (to me at least) is leaving me positively enamored by its mere mention: FIREWATCHFirewatch is something that purely in description I would never have expected to fall in love with. A first person game where you play a man dealing with marriage difficulties, so you move out into the middle of the forest in Wyoming to live alone in a tower and watch out for fires. Seriously, nothing about that sounds appealing to me, yet I’ve sat and watched the game’s E3 2015 trailer a dozen times, as well as its GDC 2015 walkthrough at least half as many. The game has amazing visuals and some of the best voice acting and writing I’ve witnessed in years. Someone needs to get me a copy of Firewatch soon, because otherwise I’m going to lose my mind and have to move out into the wilderness for real.


Sarah Christian (GlitchFeed Executive Producer)

There were a lot of big announcements at E3, and I already feel the pains that my wallet will be going through this holiday season and beyond. HITMAN is a franchise I’ve yet to experience, but with the sandbox assassination trailer that was featured during Square Enix, it leaped to the top of my list for holiday purchases.  I still can’t get over the fact that there is no set path for taking out the target – you can literally go anywhere and use anything to accomplish your goal. Tease me an open world full of choices, and you will have me hook, line, and sinker.  Another open-world title caught my eye even before it was showcased at E3. I’m talking about FALLOUT 4, of course! The franchise has always been a favorite of mine, and when they started to tease the crafting elements, I knew I was done for.

Post E3 2015 Most Anticipated Games Fire Emblem Fates
Now, you can bet that I will be pre-ordering FIRE EMBLEM FATES for its spring release. It may feel like ages away, but I’ve been keeping an eye on this title for months. The dual storyline impacted by a single choice calls to me like a siren, and odds are I will make sure I can get both versions however Nintendo decides to dress them up.  
Finally, and possibly the most exciting one on my list, is HORIZON: ZERO DAWN. The surprise reveal trailer took my breath away and had me on the edge of my seat. This game looks like my dream title – open world exploration with exciting battles and a creative and unique plot – I can’t wait to get my hands on a pre-order once the release date is announced. Hopefully, it’ll be soon because this game looks pretty far in development (or so my optimistic dreamer side is demanding). I think Horizon: Zero Dawn stole my show in terms of games I have got to get my hands on.


Thaddeus Adams (Game Reviewer)

Post E3 2015 Most Anticipated Games Mass Effect Andromeda_smallWe had some big and great things at E3 this year, and a lot of what I saw got me excited to no end. The STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT gameplay proved that my fears that EA would ruin it were in fact wrong. It looks great so far and even though it makes me feel like a kid again, I’m glad I’m not so I’ll actually be able to make the purchase when it comes out. THE LAST GUARDIAN is being developed by what I feel is one of the better game companies I’ve seen, whom also worked on Shadow of The Colossus and Ico, of which I am a huge fan. It’s been a while since they’ve put anything out and from what we’ve seen so far it’s going to turn out well, so you know I’m going to pick it up.
FALLOUT 4 surprised me, given that I was never a big fan of the series itself; Bethesda has managed to snag me. With everything they’ve showcased, I’m actually very interested and look forward to the day it releases. STAR FOX ZERO, finally another Star Fox game has come out, and I mean an actual Star Fox game, none of that thing they released for GameCube that we don’t talk about. It’s a bit of old and a bit of new; the new mechanics make this look like a game that will fill me with nostalgia and still give me the goosebumps that a new game does.
Last but not least, MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA dropped and it gave me chills. I love space, I love RPGs, and I love BioWare, so the Mass Effect trilogy was something I followed to the end. The fact that another one will be out there means I’m going to feel all those feelings once again, and I’m just fine with that.

Brian McDaniel (Director of Marketing)

This was the first year I was truly invested in E3, and I think I picked a good one to get tuned into. I was blown away by the beauty of the games, and not just on a “Wow! Frostbite, CryEngine, yada yada yada” sense, but in that so much love and time was put into making these games look good. I truly believe that we are in the renaissance of the Current-Gen Era, before they unveil whatever new devices they have planned in the coming years (I see you Nintendo). The creative direction is strong with this crop of games this year, and I could not be happier.
Post E3 2015 Most Anticipated Games Fallout 4 Dogmeat
My top picks are all continuations or reimaginings of previous IPs. FALLOUT 4 is set to be one of my new favorite obsessions, and that’s only based on the insane amount of time I’ve already put into the Fallout Shelter app. I’ve not played any of the other titles in the series, but the demo, along with the planned features are enough to make me want to jump right in. Another title I’m excited to jump back into is DISHONORED 2. The first game had a phenomenal story with what I think is one of my favorite types of mechanics, where the way you get to your objective is subjective. I’m excited to see how they expand upon it, and I’ll try to do an entire playthrough where I don’t kill anyone (knocking them out doesn’t count, right?). MIRROR’S EDGE: CATALYST will also be on my must play list, and I am so happy DICE came back to it. I’m curious to see where they go with the story, and I am pleased as punch that they took out the shooting feature, because it really took away from that game and made it less enjoyable.
Also, you can bet your ass I’m getting UNRAVEL, because gosh darn it, that beautiful Swedish cinnamon bun deserves all the nice things in the world.

Tom Stapley (Game Reviewer)

I’ve only recently started playing the Fallout games and from what I’ve played from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, it’s a series that I’ve missed out on. From what has been revealed at E3, FALLOUT 4 isn’t linear and allows freedom for the player as well as a new build function that will surely keep me entertained for hours. On the opposite end of building is destruction and no game showed that off like JUST CAUSE 3. Explosions that are affected by physics and a vibrant world to explore; of course more things to do with that grapple hook that will end in interesting and sometimes amusing ways, which had me hooked from the moment I saw the trailer, no pun intended.

Post E3 2015 Most Anticipated Games NoMan'sSkyGameplay-610

Of course blowing thing up is fun, but exploration is what always peaks my interest. NO MAN’S SKY is the game I always wanted, but never existed, until now. I always thought it would be cool to explore the universe in my own ship, while even naming planets that I discovered. Now that it is confirmed that it’s being released on PC, I’m even more excited.

I haven’t seen much for FIREWATCH, but from what I have seen, the game looks like it runs smooth and the trailer left me curious as to where the story will progress since you are just a lookout for fires. Let’s not forget the game most people including myself are looking forward to, STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT, does this really need explaining? I’m interested to see what EA has done to this great series. The gameplay looks magnificent and they brought back the good old hero characters to own everything on the battlefield.

MIRROR’S EDGE: CATALYST, the first was amazing but it lacked something I think it deserved: free roam. I nearly lost it when that was confirmed and on top of that, weapons aren’t available to the character, creating even more of a challenge.

How does our anticipation list compare to yours? What do you feel we missed out on? Was there some major or even minor title that you’re cursing us for not mentioning? If any of this is true, mention it in the comments.



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