Pre-Best Games(s) of 2018 – A Western for Pirates


2017 is coming to a close, which means it’s time for us to give out a special award: The Pre-Best Game(s) of 2018 Award. Now some websites would call this “Most Anticipated” or “What We’re Excited About in 2018” or something to that effect. That’s not the Constantly Calibrating Style™ though; no, we like to come up with complicated titles and overwrought lead-ins on articles. As such, let me present my Pre-Best Game(s) of 2018, which is similar to our topic from our 2017 Constantly Calibrating Podcast finale.


Red Dead Redemption 2

2018 RDRRockstar is releasing a sequel to the hit title Red Dead Redemption in Q2 2018 — after a delay from 2017. Not much else really needs to be said, as Red Dead Redemption was a masterpiece, which in of itself raises excitement for anything else they do with the franchise. Now, we all know the titling of the game is just awful, as adding a “2” on the prior title just doesn’t have the gravitas most of us were expecting from this Western prequel. No, seriously, it’s a prequel and technically the third entry in the franchise, but also number 2. Seriously, “Red Dead Revenge” or “Red Dead Recriminations” were right there waiting. (That second one is honestly truly terrible, but damn if I didn’t want to see it happen.)

Petty annoyances aside, having another go at a Western with mechanics that are likely to be similar to Grand Theft Auto V is hard to pass up. The way the original RDR built on Grand Theft Auto IV was brilliant, which raises the stakes for this next title. Unless something comes out of left field, or there’s some fluke, Red Dead Redemption 2 is on track to be the for a 2018 Game of the Year Award or ten.

There are still, of course questions, as Rockstar plays everything pretty close to the vest:

  • Unlike its predecessor, will this game come to PC? Will it have the same delay as Grand Theft Auto V on PC featured?
  • What will Red Dead Redemption 2 Online look like? GTA Online has thrived on new modes and game types being added, while selling expensive cars, houses, businesses, and the like to its playerbase. RDR 2 has potential for businesses, homes, and heists, but what kind of vehicles sales can there really be? Are we going to be getting new tricked out horses and buggies, or will it go off the rails like its online predecessor?
  • What new features will be added to the title alongside returning features? Will I have nightmares of cougars for weeks/months on end after a late night session?

Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be a force to be reckoned with in 2018, that is for certain.


Sea of Thieves

Looks, I’m just as surprised as you all are to be featuring Sea of Thieves on this list. If you asked me at the start of the month, I would’ve probably forgotten that Sea of Thieves even existed in 2018, let alone consider it for a list like this. That was before Justin and myself got into the game’s recent Closed Alpha, which due to an NDA I cannot speak of in specifics. What I can say is that we planned to play for 30 minutes, then move on with our lives. What ensued was nearly 5 hours of sailing and insanity, and probably the most I’ve laughed while gaming in years.

Not only is it a game that I want to explore, it’s one that is helping to push me into bringing Constantly Calibrating from Twitch to Mixer. The possibilities for streaming the game excite and enchant me in a way that’s oddly reminiscent of the Fable series, and that’s not a bad thing.

March 20, 2018 cannot come soon enough!

2018 Sea of Theives


Ha! That’s cute, but no, while I’m stoked for Anthem, there’s no way the game releases until 2019. BioWare needs to take their time to cultivate an amazing experience for Anthem to earn back goodwill from the Mass Effect Andromeda debacle. (And to be clear, I stand by my oft-repeated statement that Andromeda is an exceptional game, marred by a few problematic issues and a needlessly angry “fanbase”.)

There you have my Pre-Best Game(s) of 2018. There was much temptation to put a few other “real” titles on the list, and more temptation beyond that to include another “joke” entry like Kingdom Hearts III. Come on though, I’m more mature than that, right?

Probably not.


What are your picks for the best game of 2018? Let us know in the comments or by yelling at me on social media.


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