RTX Austin 2017: Myles Langlois & Greg Franklin (Apollo Gauntlet)


From RTX Austin 2017, we bring you an interview with Myles Langlois (Creator) & Greg Franklin (Director) of Apollo Gauntlet, from Adult Swim. For more details on the show, check out the below synopsis.

“On Earth, Paul Cassidy, is just another cop, but when the evil Dr. Benign transports him to another world, he becomes a new kind of hero. With the help of a magical suit and a set of talking gauntlets, he’s able to fight crime exactly the way he wants…and he’ll do it as APOLLO GAUNTLET! Set in a futuristic medieval society, the quarter-hour animated adventure comedy series is created by Myles Langlois and is produced by MONDO’s animation studio, Six Point Harness, and Mosaic.”


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