RTX Austin 2017: Greg Miller of Kinda Funny

Greg Miller. Kinda Funny. Justin Stanley. Constantly Calibrating.

This duo only comes together maybe once or twice a year, but when they do, magic happens. Join Constantly Calibrating as we take a look at the craziest year in Kinda Funny history; a year that’s not even close to over yet.

From a house divided, to a new home being built, to a growing family, and other loose metaphors, we discuss it all. There may also be shameless plugs & a candle in here, but who are we to comment on it?

That’s damn right!

I’ve lost all grips on this description, so go and watch and enjoy.


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Justin Stanley (Creative Director)

Through his work as Creative Director for Constantly Calibrating and his foresight in co-founding The GlitchFeed, Justin has developed an eye for what makes truly entertaining gaming content. Creator of the Hungarian Downstairs Kiss™

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