RTX Austin 2017: Stu Grubbs of Lightstream

Getting on the Internet to stream is an absolute chore, right? You download and install one of the three major programs, set bit rates, set up your layout, and then watch a resource intense app drag your PC to a crawl. On top of that, everything is saved locally, so when things inevitably crash, you have to start all over.

This is not the case with Lightstream, a browser-based streaming service. Lightstream exists in that mythical cloud area of computing, working hard so your computer doesn’t have to. Whether streaming to Twitch, Mixer, Facebook, or anywhere else, it allows to be in control, always.

At RTX Austin 2017 we talked to Stu Grubbs, Founder & CEO of Lightstream, about how the streaming service stands out. It was a good interview, I suggest you watch it now.


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