Watch Us Play: Astronaut: The Best: Part Two


You’re about to watch Part Two of our Astronaut: The Best let’s watch series. As such, we’ve provided you with the exact same description featured previously.

Watch Part One here.

Do you wish to serve your country with the utmost esteem? Are you looking to travel the stars and fight in boxing matches? Do you distrust snakes and everything they stand for? Well, if so, the Flaustrian Space Academy has a job for you!

We’re looking for eager people to watch Josh & Thaddeus perform the duties of Director of the Flaustrian Space Academy in¬†Astronaut: The Best. In this narrative strategy game you’ll be representing a team of astronauts as they pursue their mission to the stars! Currently on Kickstarter, Astronaut: The Best is a highly entertaining game and this video is here to prove it.

Make sure to check out the demo yourself, and if you like it, go back Universal Happymaker on Kickstarter.


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